Make the most of everything.

The Passat is the epitome of function and beauty, with engineering and design coexisting in a perfect harmony. It's an intelligent and good-looking sedan that is bound to make your busy life easier.

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Charms passersby

The Passat's exterior is one of stylish practicality. Graceful and dynamic, its silhouette gives off the impression of athleticism. And when you drive it, you'll see first-hand the marvellous harmony of engineering and design.

Wireless Apple CarPlay

More convenient than convenient

The Passat is equipped with wireless Apple CarPlay®, allowing you to mirror a select variety of apps on your infotainment system by simply pushing a button. There's no more need to plug your phone in, just click CarPlay®.

Park Assist

Any space is a Passat space

No space too tight, no park too tough. This sedan can tuck itself into any spot by using sensors on either side of the front and rear bumpers, together with parking distance sensors front and back.

Overseas model shown.

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